Y los huesos hablaron

Artistic info

collaboration between: Societat Doctor Alonso and Teatro de Babel

Direction: Sofía Asencio and Aurora Cano

Dramaturgy: Tomàs Aragay and Camila Villegas

Creation and interpretation: Nilo Gallego, Hipólito Patón, Ramon Giró, Lluc Baños, Sofia Asencio

Special guest: René Pacheco (Asociación para la Recuperación de la Memoria Histórica)

Lighting Design: Cube.bz

Sound design adn sound concept: Nilo Gallego, Ernesto Anaya

Set: Lluc Baños

Costumes: Societat Doctor Alonso

Production: Imma Bové i Mariana Tejeda

Communication and distribution: Tomàs Aragay

Co-production : Grec 2016 Festival de Barcelona, IBERESCENA

With the participation of: Ajuntament de Bàscara

Y los huesos hablaron starts from the process of digging old graves to find the bones of the disappeared, of the murdered. The process of digging between words is very similar and what is sought is the truth. The show comes to unearth and make visible conflicts that have been hidden by the official discourse in favor of supposed political and social stability throughout history. A show that does speak of violence and disappearances, but especially of those violence and disappearances that, as invisible parasites, from generation to generation nest in our bodies and spread throughout society.

Teaser Y los huesos hablaron made by Ivó Vinuesa

With the support of the Generalitat of Catalunya and the INAEM